Marriage Center


Who we are…

The Marriage Center at One Community Church strives to create an environment where couples of all ages can:

  • Build a marriage centered on God, His Word and His principles
  • Create lasting connections to God’s community
  • Grow in love, respect, and support of one another
  • Maintain a strong marriage no matter the circumstances life brings


Things we do…

Premarital Classes at One Community Church: I Promise

One Marriage Center offers an exciting 6-week interactive marital-preparation class for seriously dating or engaged couples. You will also have the opportunity to connect with other couples as you explore the ways your unique personalities, families of origin, and past experiences will impact your future marriage relationship.

The I Promise curriculum is designed to engage each participant individually and as a couple by using a biblical foundation to ask thought-provoking questions about each person’s personality and their life experiences. With guidance, the participants will discuss and understand the God-ordained expectations that comes with being married.  By the end of the course each couple will be confident and secure in its decision to marry (or perhaps not to marry).

The registration cost of $99 per couple includes class sessions, workbooks, and online personality and relationship assessments. Couples will also receive a certification for $60 off their marriage certificate upon completion of class.

The 6-week Premarital Class is offered 3 times per year.

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Marriage Institute Classes at One Community Church

The Marriage Institute offers 6-week enrichment courses three times per year, where couples of all ages and stages of marriage can grow in love, respect, and support of one another. Throughout this instructor-led course, you’ll learn from watching real life couples share candidly about their struggles in communication, finances, sexual intimacy, expectations, historical barriers, and more. You will also participate in small group discussions designed to challenge you to become models of God’s love to one another.

These classes can help you uncover destructive patterns and with your effort and diligent work, can help you form a new God-centered lifestyle that will take your marriage to new heights. Registration cost of $45 per couple includes class sessions and workbooks.

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Marriage Mentoring . . .

is one couple coming alongside another couple as friends, guiding, encouraging, and imparting life skills that result in better communication, conflict resolution and overall marital satisfaction. These newly acquired skills, all from a Biblical perspective, enable couples to experience the oneness that God intended for them from the moment they said, “I do.”

Mentor Couples . . .

become equipped by attending in-depth training where they receive the tools necessary to successfully mentor a couple through almost any circumstance. Once certified, Mentor Couple Support Groups advise them during the mentoring process. Continuing education resources are provided online.

Mentee Couples . . .

are paired with a mentoring couple who is best suited to meet their situation. Once connected with their mentoring couple, husband and wife begin a journey that provides them with a practical, scriptural approach to building a strong marriage on a solid foundation. Whether the desire is enrichment or restoration of a strained marriage, mentee couples become better equipped to communicate and resolve conflict in a healthy manner. They also learn Biblical perspective about issues such as role relationships, sexuality, and finances. Regardless of where you are in your marriage, Marriage Mentors offers encouragement, healing, and hope.

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