Fall Session (Begins in August)


(Separate Kids, Youth
& Adults classes)
Dates: Aug 4 – Sept 8
9:00am – 10:15am

Are you able to state with confidence what your Christian beliefs are? Do you know why you believe these teachings and how they define you as a follower of Jesus Christ? In this class you will explore essential truths of the Christian faith, all of which are foundational to a life of victory, joy and intimacy with God, and His Son Jesus Christ. You will learn what it is you believe, why you believe it and most importantly how to apply it to your everyday life.


Dates: Aug 4 – Oct 27
9:00am – 10:15am

Many singles desire to be married. In our culture, there is a significant focus on dating and courting.

How can one say that they want to be married if one doesn’t know what it really takes to make a marriage purposeful and successful? This curriculum is designed to teach singles what is required of them as an individual before entering into such a sacred covenant. This course is designed to be taken before one enters into a courtship or “pairs” up with someone. The goal of this program is to support singles in living a life that is first focused on their Master, (deepening their relationship with God), secondly focused on their Mission, (God’s calling on their life), thirdly focused on personal Moods, (having a healthy relationship with one’s self) and lastly focused on having a better understanding on how to select a Mate and maintain healthy relationships.